Poem Examples


Acrostic Poem


Road builders

Oldest male was head of family

Most children did not go to school

Elderly were greatly respected



Pyramid Poem


Line 1:               the letter

Line 2:              a noun

Line 3:              an adjective, noun

Line 4:              adjective, noun, verb

Line 5:              adjective, noun, verb, adverb


Example for Ancient Egypt:



Pointy pyramids

Pointy pyramids protect

        Pointy pyramids protect proudly

Pattern Poem


3 –ing describing words

1 -ing with place

what it looks like



Farming, Fighting, Worshipping

Playing with rubber balls

Looking like little warriors



Senses Poem

Example for Ancient China


I see… ghosts of my family.

I hear… pigs squealing.

I smell… tea brewing.

I touch… the crops I harvest.

I am… obedient.