Renewal of Tax Neutral Flexible Funding
for Collier County Public School

Collier County School District proposes to renew the 2008 voter approved referendum to allow the District the option to reduce the capital tax millage by .25 mills and increase the operating millage by .25 mills to maintain economic stability.  This will not result in any increase to the taxpayer.

Shall the School District reduce the capital millage and increase the operating millage each by up to .25 mills for a four year period?

_________ YES                    ___________ NO

(10-2-12) For Early Voting Dates and more information, visit the Collier County Supervisor of Elections website at

(9-25-12) The Naples Daily News Editorial Board interviews Collier County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kamela Patton about the school referendum.
(Courtesy of Naples Daily News)

(9-5-12) Collier County Supervisor of Elections announces change in location of item on ballot. Click here to read more....

Information about Education and the November 6, 2012 General Election Ballot:
For more detailed information in printable format, please click here.

  • Renewal of the School District Tax Neutral Referendum will be part of the November 6, 2012 General Election ballot
  • It will be on page 2 of the ballot before the Constitutional Amendments, so be sure to find that item and vote!
  • Referendum allows the District to add ¼ (.25) mills tax to the operating budget with voter approval
  • The district commits to reducing ¼ (.25) mills tax from the capital budget
  • This means there is no increase in taxes
  • It’s a tax neutral/ cost neutral shift – no additional cost to taxpayers
  • ¼ mill generates about $14 million at today’s assessed property value
  • Capital budget is tight, but adjustments have been made to be able to do shift these funds
  • These funds help us maintain stability in our operating budget during continued years of reduced funding from the state
  • Operating budget pays for student programs, teacher salaries and other salaries, instructional materials, textbooks, software for instructional technology, etc.
  • Students and their programs are our priority. In difficult economic times we must funnel all possible resources to maintaining student programs and services.
  • Capital budget pays for building maintenance and improvements, equipment, technology equipment, furniture, debt service on past new schools, etc.
  • First referendum for CCPS was approved in Nov. 2008; tax shift began in 2009-10.
  • By law the referendum can only be approved for up to 4 years at a time
  • First referendum expires in 2012-13
  • If renewed by voters in fall of 2012, this renewed referendum will go into effect in 2013-14 so there will be no gap in this funding
  • Approval is for up to ¼ mills and up to 4 years.  District has the discretion to reduce or eliminate it if funding is restored to sufficient levels.
  • If the referendum is not renewed we will have to reduce our operating budget by $14 million in addition to any upcoming revenue reductions from the state and all of the reductions we’ve made for the last five years
  • Current state funding is about $30 million less that 2007-08 funding yet costs over the 4 years have continued to increase
  • When you vote, think about kids!
  • By cutting in many other areas, we’ve preserved and enhanced student programs and services
  • The governor’s recommended increase to school funding is appreciated, but due to loss of federal stimulus funds, would not bring us back even to current year’s funding

For more information, please contact the Communications & Community Engagement Office at
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