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P.O. Box 170 415 School Dr.
Everglades City, FL 34139
(239) 377-9800
(239) 377-9801
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School Profile
Grades: PK-12 Mascot: Gator
School has a: District Dress Code School Colors: Blue,White
Total Enrollment:  206 Student Hours: 8:10am - 2:58 pm
Feeder Pattern: N/A
Board Member: Roy Terry, District 5
Message from Principal James Ragusa
School Principal We will continue to promote rigor in our classrooms as we move our children forward to reach the academic goals we have set for them. We truly believe our students can be as successful academically as any students in our county. We are hopeful you are pleased with the progress your child is making. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time if you have questions regarding the academic progress of your child. Our staff is continually studying the data from a variety of assessments our students are taking. This gives us the ability to focus on the individual needs of all students. We are currently moving in a positive direction. Your continued support at home will help us move even further ahead. Go Gators!