Poinciana Elementary (PES) School

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2825 Airport Rd. S
Naples, FL 34105
(239) 377-8100
(239) 377-8101
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Grades: K-5 Mascot: Pelican
School has a: Uniform Policy School Colors: Green, Yellow
Total Enrollment:  678 Student Hours: 8:25 am - 2:50 pm
Feeder Pattern: Naples High
Board Member: Julie Sprague, District 4
Message from Principal Susan Daniel
School PrincipalPoinciana believes in academic excellence and embraces our diverse student population. Our goal is provide a safe, nurturing learning environment centered on student success and meeting each individual child’s need. Our dedicated staff is passionate about education, hardworking, caring and willing to go above and beyond to connect with children and achieve student success. We encourage and invite you to join in fostering our feeling of “family” by becoming involved at Poinciana through Student-Led Conferences, school-wide functions, PTO/SAC, book fairs, reading celebrations, volunteering or participating in academic conversations. We believe in the power of building connections between parents, teachers, staff and students. This creates a collaborative environment in which all children reach their fullest potential. Please feel free to visit our school or call anytime; parents, family, community members, and business partners are always welcome! Congratulations to our school community for earning an “A” on our school grade for the 2011-12 school year.