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1655 Victory Lane
Naples, FL 34120
(239) 377-2400
(239) 377-2401
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Grades: 9-12 Mascot: Bear
School has a: District Dress Code School Colors: Green, Black
Total Enrollment:  1863 Student Hours: 7:10 am - 2:05 pm
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Board Member: Roy Terry, District 5
Message from Principal Jon Bremseth
School PrincipalAt Palmetto Ridge High School, our commitment is to ensure that all students are provided opportunities for high academic achievement as well as social and personal growth. Through this commitment, we are dedicated to provide numerous opportunities for all students, both academically and socially. At ‘The Ridge’, the parents, teachers, staff, administration, students and community all play an important role in encouraging our students to become active and life-long learners. We have consistently earned the equivalent of “A” or “B” school grade over the past ten years. Our staff is dedicated to providing an academically challenging educational program through diverse opportunities, experiences, student engagement and further exploration of new ideas by all students. Palmetto Ridge has something for everyone. We encourage all students to actively be involved in the school community by participating in the over fifty different clubs, activities and/or athletic teams. Over the last decade, students, staff, and families have built a tradition of excellence. I invite everyone to visit our beautiful campus and experience what One School, One Family is first hand. Welcome to PRHS…where we are ‘THE RIDGE’ and it is always a great day to be a BEAR !