CCPS Software Downloads

Microsoft Office & Windows - Work at Home

As CCPS Employees we have the opportunity to purchase a "Work at Home" copy of Microsoft Office or Windows operating system at a significant discount. The Microsoft Office CD includes the latest version of the MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Outlook, etc. The Windows disc includes the latest version of the Windows operating system. Only one CD/DVD or download of each per staff member may be purchased.

Ordering the Microsoft Office and Windows discs is now easier than ever before. All you have to do is click on the Download Now button, register for an account using your District email address (, and then select the product of your choice. You can choose to download the software electronically to your computer or you can select to have the physical media discs sent to your house. The electronic software download costs less because they won't be providing you with any physical media.

DISCLAIMER: I would recommend the electronic software download be avoided for the Windows software unless the user is tech savvy. This is because it involves downloading a large .IMG file that then requires a DVD burner and DVD burning software such as Nero or Roxio in order to work.

Anti-Virus Protection - Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home or small business PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Microsoft Website

Windows Website

Mimio 9 Software

Mimio 9 software is provided to CCPS Employees only. This software will allow you to prepare/create mimio lessons at home. To access this software contact Lindy George (239.377.0429) for installation instructions/availability and valid serial number information.

Online Downloads

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 is the latest sync software release for Windows Mobile-powered devices. ActiveSync provides a great synchronization experience with Windows®-powered PCs and Microsoft Outlook right out of the box. Note: Microsoft ActiveSync works only with Windows XP SP2 or earlier. Instructions 1. Install the ActiveSync setup software (7.8 MB) to your PC by clicking Setup.msi below. 2. Select Run and follow the instructions on the screen.

Calendar Printing Assistant

The Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Outlook is a program that provides an easy way to print and customize Outlook calendar information.

Drop box

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again! Dropbox Tutorials...


Review a Word document, fill out a PDF form, mark up an image, and more... All with Crocodoc, all online, all for free. An excellent way to add comments, highlights, drawings, and other markups to documents or images. Invite others to collaborate in real-time or embed documents on your website or blog.

Meeting Wizard

With this FREE web-based software you can arrange and schedule meetings and other events.  As a productivity tool it makes the planning process easier and more effective.  MeetingWizard automatically does the following: sends invitations to participants proposing alternate times, summarizes their responses, updates you on the results, sends confirmations, and sends optional reminders prior to meetings.  The only requirements for you and your participants are email access and a browser. It uses the simplest technologies possible, ensuring that all of your guests will be able to use the system.


With this FREE software you can schedule something over a range of hours in a day, over a few days, or over a few months. This handy tool does all the work for you, finding the optimal time for everyone's convenience. Doodle makes a world of difference with a lot less headache and time when scheduling common meeting times.

FREE CSS Templates

Don't have experience with Dreamweaver, but want a cool looking website. There's many website templates to choose from, and they are absolutely FREE.